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Creative Project Manager & Producer

 Scheduling, Sourcing,
 Budgeting, Bidding,
So you can rest,

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Mac & PC: MS Office (365, Word, Excel, PPT), Google/One Drive, Outlook. CRM, Marketing Asset Management Systems (MAMS). Data/Asset/Job management software (including Asana, TeamWork, Shotgun, Central Desktop/iMeet, FileMaker Pro, GDI, Workamajig, SharePoint and customized proprietary studio tools). 


Budgeting, bidding, scoping, scheduling, resource allocation.  Detail oriented plus big-picture strategic thinking.  Vendor/Client management and relationship building.  Production-pipeline and workflow efficiencies consulting. 

Live Event logistics, live performance stage management (music and dance concerts, theatre, live awards shows, speaker conferences, trade shows and special events); live stage lighting, audio mixing, multi-media, video, Clear-Com and Polycom systems. 

Allison is a production expert in multiple creative mediums, offering more than two decades of experience managing teams from 5 to 150+ (clients to crew, talent to technicians, vendors to VIPs) on a wide variety of high-profile, high-tech venues, projects, and production pipelines.


Throughout her extensive career she has had the privilege to work on projects helmed by some of the most influential directors in the business, including television and film icon Garry Marshall, Academy Award winner Robert Zemeckis, Tony Award winner Julie Taymor, and Tony Award nominee Michael Greif on the revolutionary musical RENT.  Some other notable projects have included three awards seasons with E! Entertainment and E! International's LIVE FROM THE RED CARPET covering everything from THE GOLDEN GLOBES to the ACADEMY AWARDS and all the other awards shows in between, as well as several animated feature films, including the SIMPSONS MOVIE.  


With origins in live performance and extensive related professional live production experience behind-the-scenes, Allison continues to successfully navigate between many creative platforms, including advertising and brand management, marketing communications (digital, social, radio, print, and OOH deliverables, to broad-scope integrated multi-media marketing campaigns), plus years in the entertainment industry on projects ranging from an episodic reality make-over television series on The Style Network, on-location internationally broadcast live television with E! Entertainment,  traditional 2D animated feature films with Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment, Fox Studios / Film Roman / Starz Media, and digital 3D performance-capture animated feature films with ImageMovers Digital and Walt Disney Studios, plus many more celebrity-sprinkled live on-site corporate conferences, retail industry trade-shows, live performances and special events. 


Allison holds a MFA in Stage Management from UC, San Diego, in partnership with the La Jolla Playhouse, a BFA in Communications with an emphasis in Technical Theatre and Stage Management from Chapman University, and is a proud alumnus of the Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts (now known as Idyllwild Arts Academy), a performing arts high school.  She is the Resident Stage Manager and Artist Liaison for Of Note Productions, and is also a classically and jazz trained vocalist with origins in musical theatre that has an ear for various accents and dialects for voice-over work.

She is always open to new opportunities to collaborate and partner with other high-quality, creative organizations and/or individuals where she can be an integral, contributing member of a dynamic and diverse team of like-minded professionals.

My Work


Alison Kellom,
ImageMovers Digital

“It was a pleasure working with Allison.

She was very communicative and supportive.

She was always willing to learn new aspects of the pipeline to help support her current team.

Her vibrant personality is a huge asset. There were many times she lifted my spirits and helped me to get through tough days. She is an amazing person. I would absolutely work with her again.”

Beth Morris,
The Simpsons Movie

“Allison was a very efficient information liaison in our production pipeline on The Simpsons Movie. Her organizational and communication skills are excellent. She put in many long hours for an often-thankless job, yet her enthusiasm prevailed and her upbeat attitude kept the workplace lively.”

Christian Kendra,
Fries on the Side

“Allison's attention to detail, execution of tasks, intelligence, sense of humor, cool head and professionalism are an asset to any organization she's affiliated with;

even still, we miss her very much.

She's one of the good ones.”   

Joe Matamales,
Animator, Editor, Animation Director at BrainForest Digital

“Allison is the consummate professional. She is on top of each and every detail and knows how to get things done. She remains cool, calm and collected even when deadlines are strained.

Her personal integrity and sense of humor inspire others to work hard and have fun doing it.” 

Ryan R. Bond,
ImageMovers Digital

“…she brings a very bright and cheerful attitude to any task, meeting, event, or casual kitchen chat. Even in the darkest crunch times, Allison was ever on the morale-boosting front, from planning large events down to just having gum, snacks, or a silly joke at hand to boost a weary soul…


   “…If you're looking for a sunny, funny, hardworking addition to your team,

 Allison should be on your radar!” 

Shane Elliot,
Fries on the Side

“…What was truly special about Allison and is still hard to replicate is her calm and positive attitude under these stressful conditions, while still getting the necessary work done efficiently.”     



Have Laptop. Will Travel...

Based in north San Diego county,

I can easily work remotely, or anywhere in the general Southern California area, and beyond...

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"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." 

~A. Einstein


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